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get the Audi to seattle | photo album

As we didn't find an appropriate apartment the first time we went to Seattle at the end of May, it was my task to drive out there and find an apartment for us.

Since Caryn's job takes her to Bellevue, it seems we'll be living there instead of in Seattle "proper". That's just fine since she's been commuting for the past three years and it's probably my turn anyways :>.

So, I called around to all the apartments I could find on the internet and scheduled a bunch of appointments.

Thus on Friday, June 9th, 2000, I made for Seattle in my trusty Audi. The first hitch was that the day before I took my car to my friendly wrench (Scott Justasson). Unfortunately, the alternator needed replacing and he couldn't get his hands on a part until Friday, delaying my "launch". I finally get the car and make for Minneapolis around 4PM. Good thing I've got a friend in Minneapolis!

After visiting with Ben and his date that evening, I cruised over to Billings, Montana. Let me tell you, there is very little in North Dakota and Montana. It's beautiful country, but there just isn't a whole lot there. After a hotel stay in Billings, I made it to Seattle by 8PM the next day. 75MPH speed limits and judicious use of my Valentine One radar detector kept speeds up.